Fuck fear.

It makes me want to quit before I’ve begun. It puts thoughts in my head, unwanted thoughts. Fear is discomfort. It is a nagging, pestering, whining child, a child which yanks at my heart and runs circles in my mind. Fear pushes me to become what I despise, put off all that I desire, and grow comfortable with it all, with the familiar.

I am afraid to walk 2650 miles. I am afraid of quitting my job. Fear has its grip on my soul, pulling me ever backward as I strive only to move forward. I can only imagine what life will be like on the trail, and though I am excited, I also fear it. Fear has it’s own motto. Did you know that? Fear’s favorite phrase is but two words, two little words which have altered countless destinies, changed fate time and time again. What if?

What if I don’t save enough money? What if I run out of food, water, socks? What if this is all a big mistake and one of us gets hurt? What if I can’t get a job once we’re done? What if no one likes our blog? What if bears and snakes and blah blah blah?

What if we fail?

Then so be it.

Fear will not hold us back. Do not ask us ‘what if?’. Don’t put your fears on us.

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