Where Do We Put Our Stuff and Ourselves?

Time to pack up! Jill and I are boxing up our goods, selling things we don’t need on Craigslist, and are trying to find an inexpensive way of getting our stuff up to Oregon.

The hike hasn’t been the only bit of planning we’ve had to put together. We have to figure out where we can store all of our clothes, furniture, cars, and everything else for the next 6 months or so. We’ve had to figure out where we will be living after the hike and how we will survive until we can find jobs again.

We really have been lucky to receive so much help in all of this. With our lease expiring at the end of February, Jill and I would be stuck in a rut if it weren’t for her brother Steve and his family. They’re letting us bum in their spare bedroom for a month while we continue to earn every penny we can at our jobs before we have to quit. We want to keep working as close as we can to our April launch date.

Jill’s parents are allowing us to stay at one of their properties in Oregon for as long as we need after the hike, and my parents are helping us by playing an active role in our resupply strategy for while we are on the trail.

It truly is a blessing to have our wonderful families and friends to help us out. Without them we would not have been able to take on this hike. At the very least we would have to wait at least another year to build up even more finances to secure our post-hike plans.

But no matter how much help you get, moving still sucks.

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