Last Planning Day – What Are We Doing!?

A frenzy of tasks at hand! It started off simple. Today we needed to purchase our food for the beginning of the trail and put our packs together. But now, panic!

We didn’t follow our own instructions, and accidentally mailed our first resupply through UPS. Fail! It was sent back, not accepted as general delivery. We had to resend the package through USPS (don’t make the same mistake we did!) and could only hope we would get it on time. Then we realized, oh crap, our expected arrival date was wrong. We had flipped the order of two of the towns we will encounter at the beginning of the trail. Aaaah! But wait, that works out. It’s only a few days difference and now our first resupply will be where we need it on time for sure! Awesome.

I then complained about how my shirt was a bit too tight around my broad shoulders, pulling taut and restricting the movement of my arms. No worries! said Jill’s mom (Chris), I can fix that right up for you! And so right now, my daily hiking shirt has its seams ripped out and a big hole on each side of the shirt! Aaaah! She is a professional at what she does, and I expect it to be finished and very comfortable by the end of the day, but why did we do this today? Panic!

Chris and Jill

Also Chris planned to meet us in a couple of weeks for a 3 day long section hike. We planned it all out and she’s got the gear and know-how to join us as scheduled for a fun few days. Today, while Jill and I were shopping for our Campo send-off food supply, Chris became so excited that she asked to join us for the first week of the trail, all the way to Warner Springs! Awesome, but why today? Panic! Now we are last minute scrambling to not only ensure that all of our months and years of planning are coming together for this moment, but we’re piecing together a quick setup and schedule for Chris. Aaah!

Our Packs!

We’ve started bickering about small amounts of food and weight and other trivial differences of opinion. It’s time to take a step back and enjoy this moment, where it is all coming to fruition. However it works out, we are taking the first steps of our journey tomorrow. It will be as difficult as we make it, and as fun as we want it to be.

Happy trails are ahead. See you there!

Edit: Shirt is much improved!

One thought on “Last Planning Day – What Are We Doing!?

  1. You guys are going to have a blast. Try not to panic too much! If you keep your eyes open you’ll find nature’s gifts out there in the wilderness. I’m pretty jealous! Have fun, people!


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