Day 3 – Cibbets Flat and On

We woke up early this morning to the sound of snoring hikers. Several people had trickled in from Campo the night before and the hiker campsite was brimming with ultrlight tents. 

Rt and I had plans to be on trail by 6:30 but we ran into a hitch in the form of our external battery. My phone was dead and somehow the external had been turned on during the night and was dead as well. We ended up spending an extra hour at Lake Morena sitting by the outlet charging my phone.
The timing worked out that as we were leaving a fellow hiker Tac was gearing up as well so the three of us set out togther. We cruised at 2 miles per hour for the first 6 miles and then slowed as the trail began its 18 mile climb to 6000 feet and Mt Laguna.



There was water after the first 6 miles at Cibbet’s Flat campground so that became our goal. Rt and I hiked with Tac for a while and then took off to reach Cibbet’s Flat. The view from the hillside trail was breathtaking, and we were able to see all the way back to where we started three days prior. 

Wall of hiker names scribbled and scratched in underbeath a bridge. we added ours, of course!

Since the two of us made good time to the campground we decided to make more miles before we set up our tent. As we were hiking out Tac was coming in, so we said a quick hello and told him our plan. He needed to stay at Cibbet’s to manage some foot pain so we sadly parted ways. The miles had gone by quickly with such a friendly person to talk to — I hope you heal up soon Tac!


Rt and I trudged up the half mile climb out of Cibbet’s Flat and continued hiking for four more miles before we found a great place to set up our tent while the sun was going down.



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