Day 8 – 100 miles and 20

Today was jam packed with awesome stuff! We started out early to finish the ridge we’d walked on all yesterday.

We were on the other side of that 2 days ago!

Just as we were climbing out of camp, a couple we’ve been leapfrogging with came around the corner! We had all stayed in Julian the night before and King Arthur and I weren’t sure if our friends were hiking out or not. They are quick hikers so they caught up to us : ) All of us have packages at the Warner Springs post office but it’s closed tomorrow, so we decided to make today an easy day and shoot for barrel springs in about 13 miles.

Eventually we came around a corner and had a whole new view to look at!

That's the trail behind Rt on the hill.

King’s knee was feeling much better today and we made really good time going downhill to the spring. We were almost to the bottom when we saw this:


We made it 100 miles! Wahoo!!

The trail then went down to barrel springs water source (which apparently had dead rats two days before).


There was an oasis of sorts here with large trees and sand so we stayed for a few hours while the hottest part of the day passed. We had the option of staying at the water source or making a few more miles toward Warner Springs, and even though it was so lovely we got up and got going.

We were rewarded with an amazing view.


This part of the trail is unbelievable. A rolling field of grass after 100 miles of desert was the most refreshing sight.

It was around here that we realized we were about 3 miles short of a 20 mile day — that would be the longest we’ve hiked so far. We passed by several campsite options as the light started to fade. Our goal became apparent as we saw Eagle Rock was right where we needed to stop.



My feet felt like 10 pounds each and we’d met the 20 mile goal so we threw down our gear to cowboy camp with Eagle Rock as shelter from the wind.

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