Day 39 – Butt Sap

May 19th

Our tent was well protected by a juniper bush, keeping us safe from most of the wind throughout the night.

But the wind kicked our butts once again as we started hiking. 

The wind’s power dissipated as the day went on, and the weather turned out to be quite nice. We had sights of the desert and the town of Mojave to one side, and forested hills on the other.


The day was pretty uneventful. The scenery didn’t change much (read: still more windmills everywhere) and we saw very few people.

This portion of the trail is very dry, and water sources are many many miles from one another. We reached one source, Golden Oak Spring, and finally ran into a few other people. Cosmic Bubble and Dingo were a couple from Colorado about our age, and an older man called Thermometer from South Korea who hardly spoke any English. 


It was nice to chat and mime with a few other hikers for a bit as we all ate some lunch and filled our water containers. Cow and horse poop was all around the half full trough, and we could see worms and other things moving around in the water. Luckily the pipe from the spring hung above the trough it poured into, so we were as to collect some clean and pure water.

We moved on and walked through yet another burnt forest (seems like Southern California’s wilderness has gone through quite a lot of fires in the past decade). There was a touch of poodle dog bush again, but not much. 




After making some more miles we noticed the wind was picking up again, and we were getting hungry. We found a well protected spot just beyond the burnt forest. We pitched our tent under a few trees and ate some dinner. We went easy today and still made about 24 miles.

We shared ruffled chips, trail mix, granola bars, mozzarella string cheese sticks, strawberry shortbread cookies, and some instant peach Snapple. Not a bad dinner at all!

We used a low, wide branch as our dinner spot. When we were done and went to stand up I had a little trouble and basically peeled my butt off of the branch. My shorts were covered in tree sap. Not only do they have a small tear, but now a big, permanent, brown stain in absolutely the worst location. Sigh. Guess it’s time to get another pair.

We’ve been listening to audiobooks as we hang out in the tent before falling asleep. We just finished Death Masks last night, which is book 6 or so of The Dresden Files, and we’re going to start the next one tonight– Dead Beat!

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