Day 118 – Back Into It

Aug 6th

We woke up in a small forest filled with tents. I guess the hike/bike camp site was a popular one last night! We packed up the tent together which felt good after so many solo mornings : )

Tomtit and I bought donuts and orange juice last night so we walked to the picnic tables in front of the store to eat breakfast. It was a really chilly morning, and when we got to the picnic table we saw the store was open. A quick run inside produced two steaming cups of coffee to accompany the donuts. The Doobie Bros were there too and we chatted while we ate. At about 7:30 we headed back up the spur trail to the PCT.

We decided to take it slow today to help ease Tomtit’s body back in to hiking. After three and a half miles we reached the Rim Village cafe and couldn’t resist getting some sandwiches. We had to stop there for water anyway so food made sense. It was ten o’clock by the time we left the cafe — our plan to take it slow was panning out! The trail followed the rim of Crater Lake for another eight miles before descending down into forest. We got some incredible views with very little smoke.

Tomtit was paying attention to his feet and legs and we took breaks when he needed them. Luckily he said the tendon wasn’t hurting, but his feet were sore nonetheless from his two week break. We went a few more miles to make a 17 mile day before calling it for the night. There’s no sense in pushing miles when Tomtit could get injured again. We found a nice spot in the woods and put up the tent to keep the yellow jackets away. Tomtit did really well on his first day back!

7 thoughts on “Day 118 – Back Into It

  1. Oh, happy day! It’s great that the dynamic duo is back together again. FYI, your next care
    package is scheduled to reach Timberline Lodge tomorrow. —Gram


  2. This journal is the best reality series out there. I look for the next update every day. Missed Tomtit, but enjoyed Bushtit account of battling on alone. Very glad the team is back on the trial together.


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