Day 151 – Lemon Curd and Eggnog

September 8th

Hummingbird and Blazing Star walked up to our camp as we were packing up. We had an excited chat about how we finally got to see Mt. Rainier the previous day and how beautiful the place is that we are in right now. The sun was shining. It was going to be a glorious day.

This section has a lot of elevation change. Over 70ish miles we were going to be climbing 19000ft and dropping 18000ft in total. And so we began the first of many 2000ft plus climbs.

The mountains here have quite a few glaciers, which means plenty of waterfalls and streams.


 When we made it to the top of our first big climb it was time for lunch. We shared an amazing picnic spot with Hummingbird and ZigZag.

The views were outstanding. We haven’t been in a place as consistently beautiful and awesome since the sierras. Meeping pikas and whistling marmots were our constant squeaky toy companions.

While collecting water I caught a tiny frog in my bottle. I let him go, not wanting to drink frog water.

We carried on and hiked with Hummingbird the rest of the day. We mostly talked about what foods we wanted to eat and cook when we were done with the hike, and this morphed into holiday food and drinks. We shared our American food fantasies while Hummingbird told us of wonderful sounding English dishes. She even made fruit cake sound amazing!

We hustled up another climb to a campsite. Night was falling and none of us wanted to night hike. I was starving and lacking in energy. I fell behind while the ladies hiked on. When I caught up with them at camp they were chatting with Snow White and Wall-ee. 

 While Bushtit started putting the tent together I just scarfed a portion of my dinner. I think it was delicious, but I don’t remember. I then joined her in setting up the tent. The wind picked up and made for an unexpectedly cold night.

3 thoughts on “Day 151 – Lemon Curd and Eggnog

  1. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for such descriptive comments as well as those gorgeous photos. May the wind be at your backs. —Gram


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