Day 153 – Germantown

September 10th

A quick and easy handful of miles to Stevens Pass was all we hiked today. Within a mile of the pass we had been stopped by several day hikers who had asked us a million questions and held us up for quite awhile. 

I felt bad for my mom who was on the other end of the phone line, our conversation being interrupted over and over again by day hikers oblivious to my phone conversation. It might be weird to them that I’m talking on the phone while hiking, but for us we hadn’t had any service in several days and phone calls are a luxury.

We hung out at the ski resort’s cafe for a bit and ate some snacks with Blazing Star and Teflon and then got a quick hitch by a former forest service worker in an old VW bus style van. He gave us the rundown on Leavenworth and dropped us off on the main strip of town. We were told it was a touristy German-themed town, and it was just that and much more than we expected. Every single building and shop and decoration was taken straight out of a German fantasy land. It was a great little town!

Several other hikers had made it into town. Starbucks and Icicle Brewery were the hiker hot spots. Our friend Hillary drove over from Spokane to hang out with us and help drive us around town! It was great to see her again. We had a good time about town before settling into our hotel room for the night.


As rumors go, we may not have any wifi or cell service from here to Canada. Less than 200 miles to go! We will update when we can. Onward to Canada!

One thought on “Day 153 – Germantown

  1. How very sweet of Hillary to meet up with you. Thank you very much for the heads up about possible or probable lack of cell phone service until you get to CANADA. —–Gram


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