Day 154 – Lovely Nero with Hillary

Sep 11th

We slept a little better in the hotel than we have in the past few. Eight thirty found us in the complementary breakfast lounge eating waffles and eggs and bagels. Wall-ee and Snow White stayed in the same hotel last night so it was a merry group at our table. We stayed there until almost ten, and then returned to our room to pack things up.

Hillary drove us to the Safeway in town for a second time to get a few food items — tortillas, water bottles, chips, and a couple of donuts for second breakfast. After Safeway we wandered around downtown Leavenworth and did a bit of window shopping.

imageWe walked around until we were hungry for lunch and then we went to a bratwurst restaurant that Hillary recommended. It was delicious!


It was past one o’clock when we finished eating and the post office in Skykomish closed at 3:45 so we had to get moving to pick up our resupply package. Hillary drove us the hour to Skykomish and then twenty minutes back to Stevens Pass. We unloaded our resupply (and tuna/jerky from Gram!) on a table outside the ski resort. Hillary hung out with us while we sorted everything and she offered to take the extra food with her so we wouldn’t have to abandon it to the hiker box : )
Finally Hillary had to start her long drive home — we have the most amazing people in our lives! It was so good to see Hill and spend a relaxing fun day with her. We’ll be seeing her soon!

Tomtit and I hung around the tables at the resort drying the tent and snacking. Zig Zag was there when we arrived and KC showed up a bit later. Then Rafiki strolled in and it was a party! We sat at the table charging electronics and texting family until we couldn’t put off leaving any longer. We strapped on our heavy packs with five days of food and waved goodbye to all.
Our goal was a short three miles from town to a camp spot since it was six when we left. The trail was nice and flat for the first two miles, and Tomtit and I were cruising along when we saw our third bear! It was right in the trail, and pretty small, so I freaked a little when it didn’t run away. My first thought was “Where is the mama?”. We clacked our poles together and told it to get moving, and it finally shuffled down the hill. The camp spot was a mile away up a short hill and we got there just before dark. Tomorrow we’ll start climbing — this section has 26,000 feet of elevation gain waiting for us!

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