Day 156 – So Tired

Sep 13th

We woke up at 7:10, but we were ready to hike by 7:40! Super fast speedy packing : ) Wall-ee and Snow White came down the trail right before we left and they joined KC, Tomtit and I as we hiked out.

The big uphill we had been avoiding yesterday was waiting patiently for us this morning. We passed Zig Zag and chatted a bit and then kept on hiking. On the way up we got to lake Sally Ann where rafiki had camped, but he was gone by the time we got there. I took a moment to use the wooden box toilet at the lake. I have been loving these toilets — no hole digging in the morning and it consolidates all the human waste. We got to the top of the climb and entered the beautiful Glacier Peak Wilderness.

We ran into a few section hikers and lots of pikas and marmots. Then of course we went down a long downhill.

I have been really struggling this section. All of my climbing muscles are tired, and I think mentally I am ready to be done. I really love it out here, but I think my body needs a little time off to recuperate. We are only a few days away from the last town stop on the trail, which is sad and exciting.

At the bottom of our descent there was a lovely forest with quite a few downed trees. We went over and under them (depending on the tree) and then had some very brushy trail. We got to Kennedy creek, a silty white rushing beast, and crossed the broken bridge to the other side. Dinner was had on a log while we contemplated our camp goal. There was an intense climb up from the creek and only one potential camp site about halfway up. It was getting late and the sky looked foreboding so we started up the climb. I dragged my dead legs up as fast as I could. When we got to the camp spot and saw there was room for two tents I asked if we could stop. It wasn’t quite seven yet but Tomtit agreed and we threw down our packs. Yay!

 There was another spot for one up by the trail and Xactly was camped there. A few minutes later KC showed up and grabbed the other spot near ours. We did 25 miles today, including 7000 feet up and 6000 feet down! No wonder I’m feeling tired.

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