Day 160 – Starting the Last Stretch

Sep 17th

I dreamed about buying vegetables at the grocery store last night. I was picking red bell peppers, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and carrots off the shelves with abandon. I remember thinking, “Why haven’t I done this recently?”, and then realizing in my dream it was because I have been hiking for five months. I am going to go crazy at the store when we are done!

We woke up at the ranger station with Deep, Two Mile, Shazaam, Snow White, Wall-ee, KC, Bender, and Animal. Everyone was stirring and packing up for the last section of trail. Wall-ee and Snow White left first, and after breakfast Tomtit and I took off as well.
All day we had one long climb, but it was a gradual 5000 feet over twenty miles.

By eleven thirty we had cruised about twelve miles without a break. I became increasingly hangry (hungry/angry) as the brushy trail impeded our search for a lunch spot, until I finally threw down my pack at a sloped trail junction and declared it lunch time. I inhaled a sandwich I packed out from the bakery and scarfed the second half of my breakfast cinnamon roll. The food quelled my hangriness but I was left feeling sick. My stomach hurt for the rest of the day and I slowly dragged myself after Tomtit.

We got to Rainy Pass at 3:30 and sat down at the trailhead for a break. KC caught up shortly, then Wall-ee and Snow White, and finally Bender for a hiker break party. We discussed options for camping and settled on a camp site 3.5 miles away — the next spot was nine miles and we’d all done twenty already. A car drove up and dropped off a hiker named Ratatouille. He played us a PCT song on his ukulele and then joined us on the walk to camp.

We got there at 5:30, super early for camp but better than super late! Everyone sat together under a few trees for dinner while it rained and then we jumped into our tents for warmth. It ended up being a shorter 23 mile day which was just fine by me! We’re planning on two 27 mile days next to set us up for a Sunday morning finish.

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