Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

Sep 19th

Tomtit woke me up this morning when he left the tent. My stomach had been sour all night so I stayed in my sleeping bag for an extra ten minutes of comfort. Eventually I got moving though — today is our last full day on trail! We packed up a wet tent, had breakfast, said thanks to Devilfish for the awesome magic and camp spot, and then started hiking.
There was a gorgeous sunrise as we climbed away from Harts Pass, the morning light playing on silver and charcoal clouds.

 The morning went by super fast with a few easy climbs and decent tread. Tomtit and I ran into Easy Rider who had finished the day before and was heading back to Harts Pass. He warned us that the end was a little anticlimactic for him. I’ve read so many blogs of past hikers and their finishing moments and the anticlimax seems to be a common theme.

We ate lunch at bottom of a valley before three climbs for the day. KC joined us on our lunch log and we talked about last trail dinners and what we would write in the final trail register. After putting it off for a while we started climbing. My stomach still hurt today and the climbs were the worst — bending forward for climbing made my hip belt dig in for extra discomfort. I don’t know what is up with it, but we’ll have less than twelve miles to hike tomorrow so I decided to just hike through it. I didn’t really have a choice anyway!


It was a really beautiful day, the rain held off and it wasn’t too cold. We had two more short climbs before it was literally all downhill to Canada. I pushed the last 100 feet to the top thinking, “This is the last hill in America!”, which helped with motivation : )

We got to camp 3.5 miles before the border and were delighted to find a group of friends there with a fire.
Dino DNA, Etch-a-Sketch, Foolhardy, Dingo, Cosmic Bubbles, Snow White, Wall-ee, Great Blue Heron, and her daughter Hot Mess were all there cooking dinner in a circle around a warm fire! The timing was perfect because we had just heard from the guard at Harts Pass that the fire restrictions were lifted. We cast around for a camp spot and ended up just setting it up on a patch of grass. The tent was wet anyway and it is our last night sleeping outside — we’ll dry out everything later.

KC and Bender showed up a few minutes later and we joined everyone else for dinner.


It was really the perfect last night on the trail for us. We reminisced about when we had met one another and talked about plans for getting home. Eventually the rain and dropping night temperature drove us all into our tents. Tomorrow we will all become through hikers!

4 thoughts on “Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

  1. Hats off to everyone at the “finish line.” Been to a bunch of those in the past (68 years). I’m sure you’re a lot trail weary, with parts of you wanting to not move. I’d be interested to know how you deal with post-event emotions over time. And how soon before you’re back to work.

    Did you see any Seahawks? They are our favorite bird. Our son is taking sister and parents to Sunday’s game with Chicago. Loud and raucous!

    Be it known that the PCT did NOT take you to some of our most beautiful lakes, lava tube caves, rain forest with Spanish moss draping the understory, biggest trees, etc. So if/when you wanna return to the Northwest, my wife and I are “warm shower” B & B. She sometimes thinks a part of me wanted to be a guide or tour operator. Nah, just love telling people where to go, or of our favorite places. Hiked yesterday to Lakes Valhalla and Janus (PCT north of Stevens Pass).

    If you ever send me your e-mail I’ll send you some photos. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!



    1. No Seahawks but plenty of Seahawk fans! We got to watch a game at the bar in Manning Park at the end of the trail.

      Thanks for the Washington info! We’re not far away since home is in Oregon. We’ll be back for sure!


  2. I can not begin to express how in awe and proud I am of you both for what you have accomplished! You have lived my dream and walked for me through it. I will miss my daily anticipation of reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful pictures!! You should be very proud of yourselves! Thank-you for sharing the last 162 days of your life!!


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