Cost of a Thru-Hike Revisited

Bushtit and I were featured in an article by In our blog post, The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike, we broke down our trail expenses to give future hikers a clear look at the potential cost of a thru-hike. asked to use our information and further interviewed us to construct a more detailed article. Our example is our own, of course, and will not represent all styles of thru-hiking, but this article will still serve as a great general guide for future hikers.

Even if you already read our article, check out the article. It contains more information for you to use when planning your own hike.

Please share with other hikers who might find this useful!

2 thoughts on “Cost of a Thru-Hike Revisited

  1. Wow, I now am sure didn’t make a mistake following your blog, you’re an inspiration, and now I’m more confident in my plans to thru hike the PCT, it is all about planning and following it, right? Thanks for keeping me inspired


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