How to deal with the post adventure blues. Part 1. 

A great post-trail wrap up by our friend Puff Puff. Need more adventure blogs in your life? This is a great one to read through.

Adventure & Avocados

I was in two minds about publishing my last post about life after adventure, it’s quite scary to put yourself ‘out there’ and lay yourself emotionally bare. What if people thought I was being ridiculous? Well, it turns out I didn’t need to worry as — to my amazement — it has quickly become my most popular post. The kind messages I have received have been both beautiful and heartwarming. It seems to have resonated with a lot of people — both hikers and non-hikers alike — something I didn’t expect.

I just wanted to add a note to say that although I said I was reluctant to talk to my friends and family about how I’m feeling, that is purely a reflection on me and not them, because I have a great network of people and I know that any one of them would be there for me…

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