Day 152 – Mig Lake

Sep 9th Our tent was drenched this morning, which was a surprise because we were camped on a ridge on dirt. The inside and outside were covered with condensation — it was a very cold morning. Wall-ee and Snow White left before we were out of our sleeping bags. We had breakfast with Hummingbird and then tackled the rest of the climb we started the night before. We ran into Zig Zag after the first of two fords (we walked across some rocks) and chatted for a while. At the top of the climb Hummingbird stopped to dry out her … Continue reading Day 152 – Mig Lake

Day 150 – Alpine Lakes

Sep 7th Neither of us slept very well last night. I was watching TV until 1:30 AM and Tomtit couldn’t fall asleep until three. We were awake by 7:30 though : / The chores we didn’t do yesterday were still waiting for us — throw away trash, sort resupply, repack our bags. We finished at ten and walked to the Chevron to buy a few snacks. Checkout was at eleven, and we stretched our time in the room to the last ten minutes. Breakfast was had at the diner attached to our hotel and then we headed back to the … Continue reading Day 150 – Alpine Lakes

Day 148 – Cold, Wet, and Dreaming of Town

Sep 5th Trees dripped on our tent all night in the sporadic way that told me we were in a fog bank. It wasn’t actually raining, but our tent was just as wet as if it had been. We laid around in the tent until about 7:20 and then decided it wasn’t going to get any drier. We went through our wet morning routine — stuff away a slightly damp sleeping bag, roll up the mattresses, wipe down the inside of the tent with my cloth, take off our warm dry clothes, put on our still wet and cold rain … Continue reading Day 148 – Cold, Wet, and Dreaming of Town

Day 146 – Isn’t It Still Summer?

Sep 3rd We woke up to a pretty dry tent, I guess it didn’t rain much last night. There was some condensation on the inside from us breathing but I have a small microfiber cloth to wipe the walls before we pack up the tent. It took a while to get moving this morning and we finally left at eight o’clock. Within the first few minutes a yellow jacket stung Tomtit on the leg! That is the third time he has been stung on the trail and all in less than a month! Poor Tomtit : ( Mist and fog … Continue reading Day 146 – Isn’t It Still Summer?

Day 144 – White Pass

Sep 1st Two miles to town! I got cell service last night and was able to check the hours of the store — they open at eight so we had a leisurely morning. The miles went by fast and before long we were drinking hot coffee at the Kracker Barrel store. We picked up our resupply box and a package from my Grandma. Thank you for the tuna Gram! Lots of other hikers showed up while we were there and we ended up sitting outside on the bench in front of the store for hours. After a long deliberation we … Continue reading Day 144 – White Pass

Day 142 – Then We Left Trout Lake

Aug 30 We got up early to make breakfast at the house before our 7:30 ride into town from neighbor Steve. He dropped us off in front of the general store — thanks Steve! We grabbed some coffee at the store and the lady told us there was a ride up to the trailhead at nine. Tomtit and I parked it in front of the store to wait with a few other hikers — Mark, GG, and Middle. The rain drizzled off and on while we chatted. At precisely nine, George pulled up in his truck and five of us … Continue reading Day 142 – Then We Left Trout Lake

Day 140 – Trout Lake

Aug 28th The patter of rain woke me up this morning before the sun had risen. It was a light drizzle, but I grabbed a tent stake and put up the vestibule door to keep my pack and shoes dry. I poked Tomtit awake and handed him a stake as well, and then curled up again inside my sleeping bag. A few short hours later the forest lightened and I heard other hikers unzipping tents. Time to get up. We had pitched our tent close to Wall-ee and Snow White so we all had breakfast together. Ten short miles lay … Continue reading Day 140 – Trout Lake