Last Planning Day – What Are We Doing!?

A frenzy of tasks at hand! It started off simple. Today we needed to purchase our food for the beginning of the trail and put our packs together. But now, panic! We didn’t follow our own instructions, and accidentally mailed our first resupply through UPS. Fail! It was sent back, not accepted as general delivery. We had to resend the package through USPS (don’t make the same mistake we did!) and could only hope we would get it on time. Then we realized, oh crap, our expected arrival date was wrong. We had flipped the order of two of the … Continue reading Last Planning Day – What Are We Doing!?


Resupply is a kinda crazy undertaking! There is a lot of food involved (obviously) and I was not able to conceptualize 3500 calories a day for 46 days until it was strewn across the living room floor. We are doing a send-some-buy-some strategy with a total of 10 boxes mailed to us (thanks Rt’s mom!!). The majority of the work was done last weekend with family helping us repackage all the food we purchased in Oregon. All of the bags are currently in Oregon waiting to be shipped to us on the trail. Repackaging potatoes and oatmeal went so quickly … Continue reading Fewd

Leaving My Work Family

Today was my last day at work. I started this job two years ago and in those years I made some amazing friends. One stayed up way past her bed time to bake me a beautiful good-luck trail cake and flower cupcakes!     I left work in tears saying goodbye to the people I spent countless hours laughing with. They listened to all of my pointless stories, told me stories of their own, and tolerated my love of broccoli and mayonnaise. They were the reason I wanted to go to the office every day. My friends truly became my … Continue reading Leaving My Work Family

Rt’s Gear List

The whole pack!  GENERAL GEAR Item Description Cost ($) Weight (oz) Tent Tarptent Double Rainbow w/liner 342 41 Sleeping Bag Zpacks Down Solo Sleeping Bag 455 20.4 Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack Zpacks Medium Plus Stuff Sack – 1 Backpack Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 160 70 Sleeping Pad Klymit Inertia O-Zone 70 12.2 Ground Cloth Gossamer Gear Polycro 5 1.6 Eating Utensil Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spoon (Cost $9 — gifted) – 0.4 Headlamp Divine LED Headlamp 24 3.5 Water Filtration Sawer Squeeze 40 3 Water Bags Platypus Platy 2 L (Carrying 2) 26 2.6 Trowel Deuce … Continue reading Rt’s Gear List

Where Do We Put Our Stuff and Ourselves?

Time to pack up! Jill and I are boxing up our goods, selling things we don’t need on Craigslist, and are trying to find an inexpensive way of getting our stuff up to Oregon. The hike hasn’t been the only bit of planning we’ve had to put together. We have to figure out where we can store all of our clothes, furniture, cars, and everything else for the next 6 months or so. We’ve had to figure out where we will be living after the hike and how we will survive until we can find jobs again. We really have … Continue reading Where Do We Put Our Stuff and Ourselves?


Fuck fear. It makes me want to quit before I’ve begun. It puts thoughts in my head, unwanted thoughts. Fear is discomfort. It is a nagging, pestering, whining child, a child which yanks at my heart and runs circles in my mind. Fear pushes me to become what I despise, put off all that I desire, and grow comfortable with it all, with the familiar. I am afraid to walk 2650 miles. I am afraid of quitting my job. Fear has its grip on my soul, pulling me ever backward as I strive only to move forward. I can only … Continue reading Fear