Gear Review (RT – Male)

Overall I was very happy with my gear. There were very few items I replaced or would have wanted to. Some items I realized I spent too much money on at the beginning, only to replace them with cheap versions of themselves when they broke down part way through the hike. Here’s a quick recap of nearly all the items I carried. If you want specifics, ask questions in the comments below!   Tent – Tarptent Double Rainbow w/liner 10/10 Couldn’t have asked for better. It held up just fine for the entire thru-hike. Barely a tear or scratch, and … Continue reading Gear Review (RT – Male)

Day 51 – Mount Whitney

May 31st The morning was filled with tension as we emptied our packs of things we wouldn’t need on the attempt. We were leaving most of our gear in our tent at Guitar Lake in care of the marmots and bringing some water and snacks. The lighter packs were a relief as we strapped them on and started up toward the switchbacks above our heads. The first mile was harder than either of us anticipated. Stairs were taking our breath away and Tomtit was feeling dizzy. Once we hit snow, however, our attention was diverted from the altitude effects. Our … Continue reading Day 51 – Mount Whitney

Day 48 -Mountain Tops

May 28th All of our food now has to be carried inside of bear canisters, from now through the next couple hundred miles of mountains. Bear cans are big, bulky, bear-proof containers that bears cannot break into. They can still smell the food through them, so instead of keeping them in our packs at night we hide them hundreds of feet away from our camp spot so that if any bears are attracted by the food smell they will attack the can instead of ripping our bags and tents apart. We’ve also gotten into the habit of eating our dinner … Continue reading Day 48 -Mountain Tops