Gear Review (RT – Male)

Overall I was very happy with my gear. There were very few items I replaced or would have wanted to. Some items I realized I spent too much money on at the beginning, only to replace them with cheap versions of themselves when they broke down part way through the hike. Here’s a quick recap of nearly all the items I carried. If you want specifics, ask questions in the comments below!   Tent – Tarptent Double Rainbow w/liner 10/10 Couldn’t have asked for better. It held up just fine for the entire thru-hike. Barely a tear or scratch, and … Continue reading Gear Review (RT – Male)

Day 59 – Mosquito Mountain

June 8th The sunlight woke us up early. Usually we cover our eyes and go back to sleep for a bit more, but since the mosquitos hadn’t swarmed our tent yet we made ourselves get up and get going while we still had the mosquitoless opportunity. We continued our long, 17 mile descent from Muir Pass through beautiful Evolution Valley.              We came to our first real water ford at Evolution Creek. We got wet nearly up to our hips. The current was not very strong due to the low snow year. There is an alternate path across a … Continue reading Day 59 – Mosquito Mountain

Thru-Hikers Are Selfish

Choosing to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail is the most selfish decision I have ever made. There is a sense of pride in taking on a challenge of such magnitude as the Pacific Crest Trail, a sense of accomplishment in the decision and preparation, and all before stepping a single foot onto the trail. Family and friends feed into it. The ego of a potential thru-hiker is inflated exponentially by the back-pats of fathers, hugs of mothers, the turned-up thumbs of siblings, and the ‘how can you just do something like that?‘ questions dropped by best friends– to which must … Continue reading Thru-Hikers Are Selfish