Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is Released!

Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is now available for purchase in print and as an ebook for your iPad and Kindle devices. Hardcover print edition $250 A large format, 358 page coffee table book. Kindle ebook $4 Discover the highs and lows of backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail through daily journal entries and beautiful photos. Witness the contrast of landscapes from stark deserts to the majestic Sierra Nevada. Feel the struggle of hunger and the pain of injury. Meet trail angels and stumble upon trail magic in this detailed chronicle, this step-by-step narrative of life on the trail. Jill and Arthur … Continue reading Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is Released!

Cost of a Thru-Hike Revisited

Bushtit and I were featured in an article by In our blog post, The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike, we broke down our trail expenses to give future hikers a clear look at the potential cost of a thru-hike. asked to use our information and further interviewed us to construct a more detailed article. Our example is our own, of course, and will not represent all styles of thru-hiking, but this article will still serve as a great general guide for future hikers. Even if you already read our article, check out the article. It contains more information for … Continue reading Cost of a Thru-Hike Revisited

Our Sierra Breakdown

We had an article published by the Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, titled Sierra Breakdown. The Sierras were full of beauty and struggle. Here’s an excerpt. Climbing Forester Pass and dropping down into King’s Canyon National Park was my absolute favorite day on the trail. It was magic. But days later, after struggling to ascend pass after pass, and running low on food, I broke. My partner and I rationed for days. My muscles became weak. The Muir Ranch we had put our emergency resupply hopes upon was closed. I quit. I cried. I said I was done. Check it out … Continue reading Our Sierra Breakdown

Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

September 20th Oh Canada! My Canada! Our wayward trip is done, The packs have weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won, The border is near, the cheers I hear, the people are all soaking, While follow trail with toe and heel, the shoes are worn and tearing, But oh feet! Feet! Feet! Oh so callused, sore, and red, on to Canada they must march until I find a warm dry bed. What can be said, really? The rain and fog were our morning friends, as has been, but we had a bunch of hiker friends around as well. … Continue reading Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

Sep 19th Tomtit woke me up this morning when he left the tent. My stomach had been sour all night so I stayed in my sleeping bag for an extra ten minutes of comfort. Eventually I got moving though — today is our last full day on trail! We packed up a wet tent, had breakfast, said thanks to Devilfish for the awesome magic and camp spot, and then started hiking. There was a gorgeous sunrise as we climbed away from Harts Pass, the morning light playing on silver and charcoal clouds.                The morning went by super … Continue reading Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

Day 161 – Hart’s Magic

September 18th Today was our planned date to finish the trail. We’re not far off track and it’s another reminder that we will soon be done. A windy and wet morning as usual. It has become the norm. It has become what the trail is, to us. It is, well, almost welcome. We’re in Washington says the weather, and we won’t be for much longer. So we’re forcing ourselves to APPRECIATE IT! Uphill climbs are welcome now, as well. Uphill warms our bones. Thank you, uphill! We climbed into beautiful Echo Valley where we came across Great Blue Heron and … Continue reading Day 161 – Hart’s Magic