Day 160 – Starting the Last Stretch

Sep 17th I dreamed about buying vegetables at the grocery store last night. I was picking red bell peppers, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and carrots off the shelves with abandon. I remember thinking, “Why haven’t I done this recently?”, and then realizing in my dream it was because I have been hiking for five months. I am going to go crazy at the store when we are done! We woke up at the ranger station with Deep, Two Mile, Shazaam, Snow White, Wall-ee, KC, Bender, and Animal. Everyone was stirring and packing up for the last section of trail. Wall-ee and … Continue reading Day 160 – Starting the Last Stretch

Day 159 – The Last Town

September 16th Five miles and we made it to the shuttle with plenty of time to spare. 45 minutes until we had a ride into Steheiken!      Before the shuttle arrived a dozen hikers had hobbled out of the woods to wait for a ride. A separate bus from a nearby ranch pulled up and let out dozens of Sierra Club hikers. The people poured out, along with Hummingbird, Teflom, and Rainbow! They had stayed at the ranch the previous night. With only a few minutes to catch up we tried to put together some basic plans for meeting with … Continue reading Day 159 – The Last Town

Day 158 – Big Miles and Big Views

Sep 15th Tomtit poked me awake this morning — he didn’t set an alarm, he just woke up at six. Pretty handy talent! It was still dark while we stuffed sleeping bags away and dried off the inside of the tent. By breakfast time there was enough light to see what we were eating. We were ready to go by seven so we told KC our mileage goal of 27 and said a hurried good morning to Xactly. A 3600 foot ascent awaited us first thing so we got right to it. The grade was pretty gradual which made for … Continue reading Day 158 – Big Miles and Big Views

Day 157 – Washington is as Washington Does

September 14th Clouds and fog surrounded us. It was a cold morning. There was plenty of uphill to warm our bones. We climbed high past many pikas and marmots, and the fog seemed to rise with us. The mist continued to burn off and away as the day went on. Though we had climbed to the top of a ridge which was coming down off of Glacier Peak like a buttress, we were unable to see the mountain through the clouds. The views of nearby hills and glaciers were grand, however.           A massive downhill trek took us hours … Continue reading Day 157 – Washington is as Washington Does

Day 156 – So Tired

Sep 13th We woke up at 7:10, but we were ready to hike by 7:40! Super fast speedy packing : ) Wall-ee and Snow White came down the trail right before we left and they joined KC, Tomtit and I as we hiked out. The big uphill we had been avoiding yesterday was waiting patiently for us this morning. We passed Zig Zag and chatted a bit and then kept on hiking. On the way up we got to lake Sally Ann where rafiki had camped, but he was gone by the time we got there. I took a moment … Continue reading Day 156 – So Tired

Day 155 – Grizzly Peak

September 12th Since we never sleep well in town we often make up for it the next day on trail. Today we slept in and got a late start. Our tent was absolutely drenched from condensation. The beginning of the day was loaded with day hikers and section hikers. We met a lady with her daughter, the girl was on her first overnight backpacking trip, and they gave us each a cookie! The two were hiking a few miles southbound and were giving homemade chocolate chip cookies to every thru-hiker they met. How sweet! After passing by and chatting with … Continue reading Day 155 – Grizzly Peak

Day 154 – Lovely Nero with Hillary

Sep 11th We slept a little better in the hotel than we have in the past few. Eight thirty found us in the complementary breakfast lounge eating waffles and eggs and bagels. Wall-ee and Snow White stayed in the same hotel last night so it was a merry group at our table. We stayed there until almost ten, and then returned to our room to pack things up. Hillary drove us to the Safeway in town for a second time to get a few food items — tortillas, water bottles, chips, and a couple of donuts for second breakfast. After … Continue reading Day 154 – Lovely Nero with Hillary