One More Adventurer to Follow

In the last post I brought attention to our friend Puff Puff’s blog as a source of more adventure for you hiking blog junkies out there. One more I would like to bring to your attention is our friend Shepherd’s blog. Otherwise known as Brad, he is a world adventurer who we met on the PCT. He completed his thru-hike last year and then immediately jumped on his bicycle to travel through Central America. Now Brad is planning a 2016 thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail. You can follow his journey here. He starts walking next month! I’m very excited … Continue reading One More Adventurer to Follow

Bama and Back Again

It started on a whim, as most things do. Jill’s new job doesn’t start until April, and so we wanted to plan one more adventure before jumping back into career mode. “Why don’t we go visit my sister in Alabama?” Jill said (or something like it). So we planned out the trip. It started off with a hitch or two. We wanted to rent a car. Jill’s Buick is not in good enough condition for a cross-country trek, and she didn’t feel comfortable sharing driving responsibilities with my VW stick-shift. We figured out pricing and thought it was doable, until … Continue reading Bama and Back Again

When a Journey is Done

You don’t know what to do. I finished my hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail a month and some change ago. Completing the journey brought up the same feelings as finishing my first novel. Confusion. Loss. Disappointment. Yearning. Yes, I learned that yearning can be a feeling. I was lucky enough to have a party with friends at the northern terminus, at the end of the hike. Celebration was in order, for sure. But the excitement dwindled as the people stepped away, one by one, out of the lives we had each built for ourselves over … Continue reading When a Journey is Done

Day 118 – Back Into It

Aug 6th We woke up in a small forest filled with tents. I guess the hike/bike camp site was a popular one last night! We packed up the tent together which felt good after so many solo mornings : ) Tomtit and I bought donuts and orange juice last night so we walked to the picnic tables in front of the store to eat breakfast. It was a really chilly morning, and when we got to the picnic table we saw the store was open. A quick run inside produced two steaming cups of coffee to accompany the donuts. The … Continue reading Day 118 – Back Into It

Day 8 – 100 miles and 20

Today was jam packed with awesome stuff! We started out early to finish the ridge we’d walked on all yesterday. Just as we were climbing out of camp, a couple we’ve been leapfrogging with came around the corner! We had all stayed in Julian the night before and King Arthur and I weren’t sure if our friends were hiking out or not. They are quick hikers so they caught up to us : ) All of us have packages at the Warner Springs post office but it’s closed tomorrow, so we decided to make today an easy day and shoot … Continue reading Day 8 – 100 miles and 20