The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

I’m a little bit of a numbers geek, so naturally I wanted to know how much money Rt and I spent on our thru-hike. We asked previous year’s hikers on Facebook how much they had spent on their trips while researching for our own. The general consensus was about $5000 per person for six months of hiking. That number can vary wildly with factors such as how much gear you already own, how many off trail expenses you are paying, and how much you are willing to spend in towns. Five thousand was the most common number thrown around for … Continue reading The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

When a Journey is Done

You don’t know what to do. I finished my hike from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail a month and some change ago. Completing the journey brought up the same feelings as finishing my first novel. Confusion. Loss. Disappointment. Yearning. Yes, I learned that yearning can be a feeling. I was lucky enough to have a party with friends at the northern terminus, at the end of the hike. Celebration was in order, for sure. But the excitement dwindled as the people stepped away, one by one, out of the lives we had each built for ourselves over … Continue reading When a Journey is Done

Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

September 20th Oh Canada! My Canada! Our wayward trip is done, The packs have weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won, The border is near, the cheers I hear, the people are all soaking, While follow trail with toe and heel, the shoes are worn and tearing, But oh feet! Feet! Feet! Oh so callused, sore, and red, on to Canada they must march until I find a warm dry bed. What can be said, really? The rain and fog were our morning friends, as has been, but we had a bunch of hiker friends around as well. … Continue reading Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

Sep 19th Tomtit woke me up this morning when he left the tent. My stomach had been sour all night so I stayed in my sleeping bag for an extra ten minutes of comfort. Eventually I got moving though — today is our last full day on trail! We packed up a wet tent, had breakfast, said thanks to Devilfish for the awesome magic and camp spot, and then started hiking. There was a gorgeous sunrise as we climbed away from Harts Pass, the morning light playing on silver and charcoal clouds.                The morning went by super … Continue reading Day 162 – Last Night on Trail

Day 161 – Hart’s Magic

September 18th Today was our planned date to finish the trail. We’re not far off track and it’s another reminder that we will soon be done. A windy and wet morning as usual. It has become the norm. It has become what the trail is, to us. It is, well, almost welcome. We’re in Washington says the weather, and we won’t be for much longer. So we’re forcing ourselves to APPRECIATE IT! Uphill climbs are welcome now, as well. Uphill warms our bones. Thank you, uphill! We climbed into beautiful Echo Valley where we came across Great Blue Heron and … Continue reading Day 161 – Hart’s Magic

Day 160 – Starting the Last Stretch

Sep 17th I dreamed about buying vegetables at the grocery store last night. I was picking red bell peppers, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and carrots off the shelves with abandon. I remember thinking, “Why haven’t I done this recently?”, and then realizing in my dream it was because I have been hiking for five months. I am going to go crazy at the store when we are done! We woke up at the ranger station with Deep, Two Mile, Shazaam, Snow White, Wall-ee, KC, Bender, and Animal. Everyone was stirring and packing up for the last section of trail. Wall-ee and … Continue reading Day 160 – Starting the Last Stretch

Day 159 – The Last Town

September 16th Five miles and we made it to the shuttle with plenty of time to spare. 45 minutes until we had a ride into Steheiken!      Before the shuttle arrived a dozen hikers had hobbled out of the woods to wait for a ride. A separate bus from a nearby ranch pulled up and let out dozens of Sierra Club hikers. The people poured out, along with Hummingbird, Teflom, and Rainbow! They had stayed at the ranch the previous night. With only a few minutes to catch up we tried to put together some basic plans for meeting with … Continue reading Day 159 – The Last Town