Our Sierra Breakdown

We had an article published by the Pacific Crest Trailside Reader, titled Sierra Breakdown. The Sierras were full of beauty and struggle. Here’s an excerpt. Climbing Forester Pass and dropping down into King’s Canyon National Park was my absolute favorite day on the trail. It was magic. But days later, after struggling to ascend pass after pass, and running low on food, I broke. My partner and I rationed for days. My muscles became weak. The Muir Ranch we had put our emergency resupply hopes upon was closed. I quit. I cried. I said I was done. Check it out … Continue reading Our Sierra Breakdown

The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

I’m a little bit of a numbers geek, so naturally I wanted to know how much money Rt and I spent on our thru-hike. We asked previous year’s hikers on Facebook how much they had spent on their trips while researching for our own. The general consensus was about $5000 per person for six months of hiking. That number can vary wildly with factors such as how much gear you already own, how many off trail expenses you are paying, and how much you are willing to spend in towns. Five thousand was the most common number thrown around for … Continue reading The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

Day 161 – Hart’s Magic

September 18th Today was our planned date to finish the trail. We’re not far off track and it’s another reminder that we will soon be done. A windy and wet morning as usual. It has become the norm. It has become what the trail is, to us. It is, well, almost welcome. We’re in Washington says the weather, and we won’t be for much longer. So we’re forcing ourselves to APPRECIATE IT! Uphill climbs are welcome now, as well. Uphill warms our bones. Thank you, uphill! We climbed into beautiful Echo Valley where we came across Great Blue Heron and … Continue reading Day 161 – Hart’s Magic

Day 159 – The Last Town

September 16th Five miles and we made it to the shuttle with plenty of time to spare. 45 minutes until we had a ride into Steheiken!      Before the shuttle arrived a dozen hikers had hobbled out of the woods to wait for a ride. A separate bus from a nearby ranch pulled up and let out dozens of Sierra Club hikers. The people poured out, along with Hummingbird, Teflom, and Rainbow! They had stayed at the ranch the previous night. With only a few minutes to catch up we tried to put together some basic plans for meeting with … Continue reading Day 159 – The Last Town

Day 154 – Lovely Nero with Hillary

Sep 11th We slept a little better in the hotel than we have in the past few. Eight thirty found us in the complementary breakfast lounge eating waffles and eggs and bagels. Wall-ee and Snow White stayed in the same hotel last night so it was a merry group at our table. We stayed there until almost ten, and then returned to our room to pack things up. Hillary drove us to the Safeway in town for a second time to get a few food items — tortillas, water bottles, chips, and a couple of donuts for second breakfast. After … Continue reading Day 154 – Lovely Nero with Hillary

Day 153 – Germantown

September 10th A quick and easy handful of miles to Stevens Pass was all we hiked today. Within a mile of the pass we had been stopped by several day hikers who had asked us a million questions and held us up for quite awhile.     I felt bad for my mom who was on the other end of the phone line, our conversation being interrupted over and over again by day hikers oblivious to my phone conversation. It might be weird to them that I’m talking on the phone while hiking, but for us we hadn’t had any service … Continue reading Day 153 – Germantown

Day 151 – Lemon Curd and Eggnog

September 8th Hummingbird and Blazing Star walked up to our camp as we were packing up. We had an excited chat about how we finally got to see Mt. Rainier the previous day and how beautiful the place is that we are in right now. The sun was shining. It was going to be a glorious day. This section has a lot of elevation change. Over 70ish miles we were going to be climbing 19000ft and dropping 18000ft in total. And so we began the first of many 2000ft plus climbs. The mountains here have quite a few glaciers, which … Continue reading Day 151 – Lemon Curd and Eggnog