Day 149 – Snoqualmie Pass

September 6th The rain let up long enough for us to pack up camp, but poured down as soon as we started walking. We had our first rodent incident last night! Something small and mousey are a hole through Bushtit’s food bag and bored through the tortilla bag and the two tortillas within. It was like a mouse drill had just made a straight line through the materials. A good chunk of the tortillas was missing. The rodent incident was more funny than anything else. Similar stories had happened to most every other hiker we knew already. Once we were … Continue reading Day 149 – Snoqualmie Pass

Day 141 -Fire and Ice

August 29th Ahead of us parts of the PCT are closed due to roaring forest fires. Last night we learned that our next leg, The Goat Rocks Wilderness, specifically the frighteningly dangerous Knife’s Edge portion of the PCT, is under threat of a snowstorm and freezing temperatures for the next few days. So we decided to take a zero day in Trout Lake. The worst of the storm would be this evening, though wet and cold conditions will exist for the next few. Bushtit’s cousin, Shara, had been so wonderfully helpful to us and she had no problem with us … Continue reading Day 141 -Fire and Ice

Day 139 РGood Decisions 

August 27th The section hikers we had camped beside had sprawled their equipment all over the place. As we packed up and left we had to step over cooking equipment and around various bits of clothing and food items. Apparently the trail to the spring and campsite had belonged to them. Much of the day was spent leapfrogging Peaches, a friendly section-hiker, and two other thru-hiker couples, Snow White and Wall-ee as well as Hummingbird and KC. The mountains poked through the trees and haze on occasion, but the vistas never opened up big enough for good pictures.          … Continue reading Day 139 – Good Decisions¬†

Day 134 thru 136 – Portland

Aug 23rd – 25th We spent three days in Portland, and it was glorious. Our friends Nick and Rachel let us stay in their bed while they took the spare room. They bought us so much food and coffee and doughnuts, and Rachel even bought my last pair of shoes! Tomtit and I spent hours watching Netflix and catching up on the blog. We visited our friend Matt on Sunday and I got to see my cat Skid there. It was a super relaxing end to Oregon. Rachel and Nick were unbelievably generous with their time and money — I … Continue reading Day 134 thru 136 – Portland

Day 132 – Buffet and Magic

Aug 20th We woke up bright and early in the hiker trash woods near Timberline. The wind was still blowing but it was warm. The lodge was singing a siren song so we heeded the call. Tomtit and I grabbed mugs of coffee from the lobby and sat down to wait for the buffet to start. Scooby walked in (I saw him last at Seiad Valley) and he joined the rest of us — Fun Jumper, Origami, Flynn, Dundee, Phoenix, Franco, Starfish, Desert Hang, Tapatio, Rabbit, Rebo, Crocs, Ritz, T-Rex, and Ranger. As soon as the buffet opened we all … Continue reading Day 132 – Buffet and Magic

Day 131 – Climb to Timberline

August 19th The day started with a plan. The first step was to go a bit off trail to Clackamas Lake Campground to use a real bathroom. We failed at that first step by going the wrong way on the side trail as it crossed the PCT and wound up adding a mile extra to our day. The restrooms were actually very nice for a campground, but maybe not worth all the extra walking. We continued on past Timothy Lake which was very big and very popular. The PCT was littered with day-hikers who took up all the beachy camping … Continue reading Day 131 – Climb to Timberline

Day 127 – Tits to Santiam

August 15th Bushtit and I did something unusual this morning. We parted ways. Though not unusual for most thru-hikers, for us it was first. For the time we have been on the trail together we have walked every mile at least within sight of each other, if not only a few feet apart. Bushtit was excited to see her sister who was meeting us at the next highway. The plan was to meet them in the morning, but we were a few miles behind schedule and would take maybe an hour or two more than planned. This was unacceptable for … Continue reading Day 127 – Tits to Santiam