Rain Gear

I woke up to the sound of rain and my first thought was “Oh rain! I can test out my rain gear!” (dorky, I know). We haven’t had much rain here in California, especially in recent years, so I wanted to take advantage while we had the chance. Since I haven’t posted a gear list yet, let me introduce you to our┬áchoices for weathering bad weather (har har). I went with the Mountain Hardwear Plasmic Geo rain jacket: It’s not the lightest jacket on the market, it weighs in at 10 oz, but it was a deal of the day … Continue reading Rain Gear

Money Money Money

“How are you paying for the PCT?” I must have been asked this question 20 times now — mostly by the imaginary group of enthusiastic readers I have accrued (ok, entirely by them). The word on the street is the PCT costs about $5000 on trail per person, not counting gear purchased before hand. That’s not to say you couldn’t hike the trail for less, many do, but I think it is a safe place to start and any money we don’t spend will add to our post-trail savings. Rt and I don’t have a shared bank account so we … Continue reading Money Money Money


Well, I don’t know where the time went but there are only 5 1/2 months left until Rt and I will be hiking. That seems like a short amount of time but also like it will be happening a million years from now. We’ve been slowly collecting our gear (I’ll post a spreadsheet of my gear list soon) and trying not to over plan. The food plan is a minimal hybrid-resupply with most of our food bought on trail. We’ve discussed what we would do if one of us was unable to continue the trail so there won’t be any … Continue reading Prepping

Brooks Cascadia 9 Mens

Across the sea of PCT forums and blogs, Brooks Cascadia trail-runners are the most noted and praised shoe by PCT thru-hikers. The shoes were available at my local REI. In the store they looked snazzy and felt comfortable, so I bought a trial pair. So far, so good. I bought them a size too big, as recommended by thru-hikers. At first it felt awkward, and I wasn’t so confident in my decision, but after several steep downhill hikes and runs I understood why getting my shoes too big was the correct choice. My laces keep my feet from sliding forward … Continue reading Brooks Cascadia 9 Mens