Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is Released!

Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is now available for purchase in print and as an ebook for your iPad and Kindle devices. Hardcover print edition $250 A large format, 358 page coffee table book. Kindle ebook $4 Discover the highs and lows of backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail through daily journal entries and beautiful photos. Witness the contrast of landscapes from stark deserts to the majestic Sierra Nevada. Feel the struggle of hunger and the pain of injury. Meet trail angels and stumble upon trail magic in this detailed chronicle, this step-by-step narrative of life on the trail. Jill and Arthur … Continue reading Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail is Released!

Gear Review (RT – Male)

Overall I was very happy with my gear. There were very few items I replaced or would have wanted to. Some items I realized I spent too much money on at the beginning, only to replace them with cheap versions of themselves when they broke down part way through the hike. Here’s a quick recap of nearly all the items I carried. If you want specifics, ask questions in the comments below!   Tent – Tarptent Double Rainbow w/liner 10/10 Couldn’t have asked for better. It held up just fine for the entire thru-hike. Barely a tear or scratch, and … Continue reading Gear Review (RT – Male)

The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

I’m a little bit of a numbers geek, so naturally I wanted to know how much money Rt and I spent on our thru-hike. We asked previous year’s hikers on Facebook how much they had spent on their trips while researching for our own. The general consensus was about $5000 per person for six months of hiking. That number can vary wildly with factors such as how much gear you already own, how many off trail expenses you are paying, and how much you are willing to spend in towns. Five thousand was the most common number thrown around for … Continue reading The Monetary Costs of a Thru-Hike

Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

September 20th Oh Canada! My Canada! Our wayward trip is done, The packs have weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won, The border is near, the cheers I hear, the people are all soaking, While follow trail with toe and heel, the shoes are worn and tearing, But oh feet! Feet! Feet! Oh so callused, sore, and red, on to Canada they must march until I find a warm dry bed. What can be said, really? The rain and fog were our morning friends, as has been, but we had a bunch of hiker friends around as well. … Continue reading Day 163 – Oh Canada, My Canada

Day 143 – Knife’s Edge

The pictures will say more than words can here. It was a very wet and very cold day. We didn’t leave camp until after 9am in order to give any snow or ice on the upcoming ridge a chance to melt. It was a steep climb up to the Knife’s Edge. We had moved above the morning mist and straight into the clouds above. Before the edge we had to cross a glacier. We met a south bounder who gave us some instructions. “Follow the line of dirt and horse poop” was the way we were going to find the … Continue reading Day 143 – Knife’s Edge

Day 125 – Beautiful Sisters

August 13th In Bend we had all slept horribly, as always happens in hotels on the trail. I think it has something to do with breaking our usual pattern in addition to all the excessive food binging and beer guzzling and things to do and watch until late into the night. And then we wake up early just because that’s just what we always do on trail and our brains don’t know that we’re in a quiet, dark room on a very comfortable bed and pillow. So we went next door to Black Bear Diner and ate too much food. … Continue reading Day 125 – Beautiful Sisters

Day 103 – Parting

July 22nd It was checkout time before we left the hotel. Management wasn’t upset about the broken glass. They called the local window dealer and got a price quote for a replacement. The responsible party paid the hotel for the window and we all went back to Black Bear Diner for a late round of breakfast. Right after we crossed the parking lot over to the grocery store and did some shopping. In the time we were there over a dozen hikers cycled through the place, most of which we had not seen before. I chatted with all the new … Continue reading Day 103 – Parting