First Trail Day

Mike dropped the three of us off at the southern terminus, and not even two minutes in did we get confused on what trail to take!



But we found our way. And I found a geo-cache hidden behind a tree!


It was an easy day until the midday sun took over. I separated from the group, moving ahead while Jill and Chris stuck together. 


They found a rattlesnake in the brush while I was away and taking pictures of plants. 




Once I reached the first crest I decided to make a video so you could see!

-will upload once we have wifi-

When the sun was setting I made camp with no tent. Jill and Chris were a couple of miles behind, and they were unable to meet with me before the sun was gone. 


I was nervous sleeping out in the open wilderness all by myself, but other than a few eerie noises it was quite a pleasant rest!

Posted by RT

3 thoughts on “First Trail Day

  1. That was so funny, RT, we got lost within the first 25 steps!! Good thing we worked it out 🙂 Looking forward to your next post 🙂
    Mrs. Molasses


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